Color printing is generally produced by mixing four colors from CMYK, and spot color effect is achieved by mixing special color inks. We adopt the commonly used Standard Pantone Colors.
Spot Color
  • Pantone 032C
  • Pantone 252C
  • Pantone 286C
  • Pantone 432C
  • Pantone 3125C
Metalic Color
  • Pantone 871C
  • Pantone 876C
  • Pantone 877C
  • Pantone 8003C
  • Pantone 8201C
  • Pantone 7545C
  • Pantone 802C
  • Pantone 803C
  • Pantone 804C
  • Pantone 807C
  • Pantone 812C
  • Pantone 813C
  • Pantone 814C

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